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Reality, Risk, and Resilience: Reimagining Evaluation
46th Annual EERS Conference

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April 18-19, 2024


The reality we occupy today is vastly different from what we experienced even 5 years ago. In 2019, no one had heard of COVID, artificial intelligence was not a regular part of our lives, and severe global weather events were less prevalent. In 2024 we are confronted with increasing division and angst reflected in competing pressures to succeed professionally and personally while still maintaining good physical and mental health. Against this backdrop, we as evaluators are asked to balance costs, rigor, and ever shortening timeframes to tell deep and meaningful stories within these competing pressures.  


The 2024 conference of the Eastern Evaluation Research Society challenged us to reimagine evaluation. The #EERS24 conference included presentations, skill-building sessions, and panel discussions exploring the conference theme.  Opportunities for continued conversations and networking were provided. See the conference program.

Keynote Speakers

Felicia R. Bohanon is the President of the American Evaluation Association. An experienced administrator and evaluator, Dr. Bohanon currently serves as Executive Director of the Office of Precollegiate Programs at Northern Illinois University (NIU). Since 1980 she has devoted her career to assisting economically disadvantaged and minority middle and high school students in their preparation for post secondary matriculation. She also has experience as a researcher, community college instructor and policy analyst. She is the Executive Director of Bohanon Education, Evaluation & Grant Writing Services, which provides consulting services that include: program design and implementation, fundraising, program evaluation, and grant writing to educational institutions, social services agencies and faith-based organizations.

Felicia holds a B.A. degree in Sociology with a concentration in Individual and Family Development from the University of Notre Dame, a M.S. degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University and a doctorate in Community College Leadership from Ferris State University. Felicia is also a certified Spiritual Life Coach.


Amy Liu is a presidential advisor and senior fellow at The Brookings Institution. She advises executive leadership and oversees institution-wide initiatives that bring together leading experts and collaborative approaches to addressing key domestic and international challenges.

Liu is an expert on cities and metropolitan areas and the interplay of national, state, and local policies in expanding economic opportunity. She has worked with leaders across the U.S. to translate research insights into action and written extensively about the future of post-pandemic cities, inclusive economic growth, state and local cooperation, and the role of federal policies in supporting place-based revitalization across urban and rural areas. Liu’s paper, “Remaking Economic Development,” spurred the development of new metrics for defining quality economic performance for metro areas and inspired widespread shifts in the goals and practices of many economic developers.


Liu holds a Bachelor of Science degree in social policy with a concentration in urban studies from Northwestern University. In 2015, Liu completed the High Impact Leadership Program at Columbia Business School. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband and two daughters.

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