Presenter: Michael Giangrande
NOTE: Software to be used in this workshop requires a computer with the Windows operating system. We are not able to support Macs. If you need a loaner computer for the workshop, please email Kirk Knestis.
This workshop aims to increase your understanding of the uses of geographic information systems (GIS) to study various phenomena. Using free trial software, we will introduce the basic concepts and techniques and discuss how GIS affords the opportunity to answer important questions in a wide range of disciplines. We will use examples from the field and include a demonstration of how one can search for geographic data online, import and view geographic data in a GIS, and design custom maps that visualize the results of your analysis. 
Participant Outcomes:
Understand the potential for using digital geographic data
Become more knowledgeable about when GIS tools are appropriate for addressing research and evaluation questions
Understand strengths and limitations of GIS
Prerequisites: This talk is appropriate for all audience levels. Personal laptops are required if you would like to participate in the hands-on demonstration portion of the workshop.
About the Presenter: Michael Giangrande is a Geospatial Services Operations Manager at Westat who uses GIS routinely in his work. Recently, Mike presented about using GIS tools for sampling and analysis in a study of aircraft noise at a conference of the European Survey Research Association in Iceland. He holds a Master’s degree in GIS and Cartography from the Pennsylvania State University and is an alumnus of the University of Maryland at College Park.